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B-Band has sustained a high profile within the musical instrument industry for more than a decade Fundamental to this success are 

Multi-function wireless pickup system

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HERA is a multi-function wireless pick-up system developed by B-BAND 
company ,which is extremely easy to install and can be pasted without
destructiveinstrument.HERA not only has the popular tapping function, 
but alsohas the unique overlay function.The overlay function makes
HERA more mysterious and excellent.HERA is used in a wide range of
instruments,including Guitar,Cajon,Guzheng,Guqin,Pipa,Ruan,Cello 、
Harp and ect.
HERA, easy to carry, simple to install, equipped with nano black technology
universal paste, not only strong, but also can be used repeatedly, sticky dust, 
wash in water can be rinsed.
HERA is definitely a product that will not only surprise you, but also make
you feel comfortable and enjoy.
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Multi-function wireless pickup system